How to Fix a Gold Necklace

very beautiful antique gold necklace with diamonds image by JoLin from

Gold necklaces are expensive and fragile. Placing a necklace in a suitcase, purse or simply getting the necklace caught in your hair, can cause the delicate chain to break. You can save money and time by repairing the broken necklace yourself. Jewelry repairs are easy to make and the replacement parts cost a fraction of having the necklace professionally repaired.

Prop the magnification mirror on a flat surface such as a desk.

Place the broken necklace underneath the magnification mirror so that the mirror magnifies the broken area.

Grasp one side of the broken jump ring, or chain link, with one pair of needle nose pliers. Grasp the other side of the broken jump ring with the second pair of needle nose pliers.

Gently pull the pliers away from each other, widening the break in the ring.

Remove one set of needle nose pliers and use the other pliers to slide the broken jump ring off the necklace.

Pick up the new clasp, if the clasp needs replacing, and grasp the wide end of the clasp with the needle nose pliers. If the clasp does not need replacing, proceed to step eight.

Slide the new clasp on the new jump ring with the needle nose pliers.

Grasp the new jump ring with the pliers and slide the jump ring on to the end of the chain where the original broken jump ring was.

Gently squeeze the jump ring together with the pliers until the ring closes on the chain.