What Can You Do to Get Nail Glue Off of Your Glasses?


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You worked hard to make your nails look like they were done by a professional, but the tricky nail glue slipped its way onto every surface in sight, including your glasses. The nail glue dries in mere seconds and sticks with a vengeance. Using a few tricks and some elbow grease, you can rid your glasses of the pesky glue.

Soak It

Whether you are trying to get the glue off your glasses, your skin or any other surface, soak the unwanted glob of glue in warm water and add soap as needed. The goal is to loosen the glue’s grip on your specs, allowing you to peel off the nail glue with relative ease. This will be slow work, but it will probably be the gentlest option for your glasses. You may want to resort to scraping off the glue, but be careful not to damage the lenses or frames with your scraping tool (razor, knife, etc).


Nail polish remover with acetone should dissolve the glue stuck on your glasses, but be careful. If you have any special tinting or plastic lenses, check the effect of the acetone in the corner of your lenses before scrubbing the whole lens with the product. If the glue is on the frames, as with the lenses, check the acetone’s effect in an inconspicuous area first. Acetone may damage some plastics, so use the nail polish remover with caution. Also, since you just finished your manicure, use the acetone on a cotton swab to avoid contact to your nails. Since acetone has the potential to harm your glasses, you may want to use this as a last resort.

Glue Removers

In the same aisle that you bought the nail glue, you should be able to find nail glue removers. Other glue removers, such as Goo Gone, may be used effectively to remove nail glue. Unlike acetone, these removers generally will not harm most surfaces. Always try any glue removers in an inconspicuous area beforehand, as with the nail polish removers. According to the Magic American website, makers of Goo Gone, Goo Gone can be used on any surface. Your glasses should be safe with this product.