How to Open a Cable Key Ring

by Ainsley Patterson ; Updated September 28, 2017

A keychain provides a decorative way to keep all of your keys together and easy to find in a bag or purse. A simpler option to keep your keys together is to use a cable key ring. It is easy to put your keys on a cable key ring, and it is very durable. The cable key ring is also very easy to open and hook onto a backpack or purse.

Hold the key ring in both hands with the clasp between your hands.

Look at the ends of the metal clasp piece that twists to determine which end is more open looking than the other. One end will have a thinner rim than the other, which will make it appear to be more open around the cable.

Twist the piece toward you if the end on the left is more open than the end on the right. Twist the piece away from you if the end on the left is less open than the end on the right.

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