How to Make a Sparkler Rocket

Thomas Northcut/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Sparklers are a handheld firework that emits a fountain of sparks when lit. These fireworks are commonly used on the Fourth of July due to their ease of use and low cost. Leftover sparklers are normally thrown away or stored until next year; however, you can continue to give these fireworks life by creating a sparkler rocket. These rockets require very little construction and can be just as visually impressive as larger fireworks when made properly.

Open the sparkler packs and gather them together. You should have at least 60 sparklers, though more can be added, if desired.

Cut the wire off each sparklers. Set one sparkler aside. This will be your fuse.

Tape together the remaining sparklers tightly with two layers of duct tape. Leave the end with the lightable sparkler section open.

Stick the fuse into the open end. Duct tape the rest of the rocket closed, leaving only enough room to light the fuse.

Place the sparkler outside. You can place the rocket inside an angled PVC pipe, though this isn't required. Light the fuse and stand back behind some kind of protective barrier, such as a window or chain-link fence. These rockets don't fly far, but can be very unpredictable in the direction they fly.