How to Make a Baby Bottle Diaper Cake

baby image by Diane Stamatelatos from

A diaper and bottle cake is a fun way to give a new mother enough small-sized diapers to last a week or so, as well as a couple of bottles and other small gifts. The end result is a cake that rivals any bakery concoction.

Choose diapers that do not have a design past the waistband. Open each diaper, then roll tightly and uniformly from the bottom to the top. Secure each with a rubber band around the middle.

Stand the baby bottle up on your work table. Stand six diapers around it. Tie with a length of narrow ribbon. This is the top of three tiers.

Repeat the instructions in step two with the second bottle. Add a second layer of diapers around the first, making a wider second cake tier. Tie a length of narrow ribbon around the second layer.

Create a third layer using a rolled diaper as the center this time. Add a third layer of diapers around the second, making a wider first cake layer. Tie lengths of narrow ribbon around the second and third tiers.

Set the first, largest layer in the center of the platter. Top with the second, sliding the part of the bottle that's sticking out of the first into the bottom of the second. Repeat with the third layer.

Tuck the small toy and necessities around the cake layers. Make a bow for the top with some of the wider ribbon. Cut lengths of the wider ribbon to fit around each layer and tape into place for added security and decoration.