How to Cover Styrofoam With Fabric for a Wedding Cake Stand

Pixland/Pixland/Getty Images

Purchasing every accessory that you need for your wedding can get expensive. Save money by making your own wedding cake stand out of fabric that perfectly coordinates with your color scheme. Create a large, single-tier cake stand using materials available at your local craft or fabric store. Your imagination is the limit, so design a stand that is as original as you are. Give your cake stand to the bakery before your big day, and they can arrange the rest.

Heat up the hot glue gun. Apply hot glue to the top of one of the pieces of Styrofoam and immediately place the other Styrofoam piece on top of it. Allow the glue to dry completely.

Cut a few pieces of double-sided carpet tape and stick them onto the bottom of the cake plate.

Press a plastic cake plate onto the top of the Styrofoam pieces firmly to keep it from sliding around.

Lay the fabric over the cake stand. Pull the fabric taut and pin it underneath the cake stand. Trim any excess fabric.

Glue the lace trim around the top border of the cake stand and attach it with the hot glue gun. Trim any excess lace.

Glue on any additional decorations that follow your wedding theme, such as silk rosettes, bows or greenery.