Disney Princess Cake Ideas


Every little girl who has watched a Disney movie with a princess in it dreams of being a princess. Each Disney princess is different, and each has a special look. The Disney princesses can be brought to life during a little girl's birthday party. A major component for this type of birthday party is the princess cake. This will be a delicious memory for the birthday girl.

Cake Toppers

Look in the toy aisle for Disney plastic miniature toys. You can find a princess, her friends and other memorable items from the stories. Bake a sheet cake. Once it is cool, frost the cake. Wash the toys in some hot, soapy water before using them. Dry them thoroughly. Take small bits of frosting and dab them on the bottoms of the toys. Arrange the toys on the cake. Place the Disney princess in the center and surround her with the rest of the toys. Other items like flowers made of frosting and small pieces of candy can also be added. Just rinse off the toys with hot water when finished to clean off the frosting.

Castle Cake


Start by baking four or five loaf-sized cakes. Remove them from the baking pans and freeze them. Wrap a board with aluminum foil to create the base of the castle cake. Next, stack the loaf cakes so they resemble a castle. Cut pieces to form the entryway and top of the castle wall. Use frosting between the cakes to hold the pieces together. Frost the entire cake as if it was one piece. With a pastry bag and different-colored frosting, put the details on the castle. Over the entryway of the castle, write the name of the Disney princess. Cover the foil with a thin layer of frosting. Trees and lakes can be created with frosting. Small, colorful candies can be used to decorate the castle and landscape. Add Disney princess miniatures to the castle and landscape.

Princess Doll Cake


For this cake, you will need a Disney princess doll. Belle from "Beauty and the Beast" or Cinderella are great choices for this cake. It needs to be a Disney princess that has a full-skirted dress. Next, bake a cake in an angel food cake pan or Bundt pan. Both of these pans have holes in the center. Strip the Disney princess doll and wash her in hot, soapy water. Try not to get her hair wet, since this will ruin her hairdo. Dry her off thoroughly. Once the cake is cool, place the Disney princess doll in the center. Frost the cake and princess by using a pastry bag. Lay down the dress design first. With different colors of frosting, create the details on the dress. If you use the star tip with the pastry bag, you can create her dress using small stars. Once the cake is served, just rinse off the Disney princess doll with hot water to clean her.