How to Make Chocolate Icing for Donuts

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Homemade donuts have a delightfully moist and tender flavor that you won’t find in store-bought confections. When you are making homemade donuts, go all out with chocolate icing to top them off with panache. The icing is simple, yet it adds a special touch to the tops of your donuts. Finish the donuts off with a dusting of nuts or colored sprinkles and your breakfast treat will tempt and satisfy.

Measure the confectioners' sugar and the cocoa into the bowl. Stir the two ingredients well to mix them.

Mix the honey, water and vanilla in a small cup to incorporate the ingredients completely.

Add the liquid ingredients to the dry ingredients slowly. Stir the icing as you add the liquid.

Adjust the consistency of the icing to make it thin enough to drizzle. Add additional water by teaspoons if the icing is too thick, or add additional confectioners' sugar by teaspoons if the icing is too thin.

Drizzle the icing over the donuts using a spoon. Fill a spoon with the icing and hold it over the donuts. Move the spoon back and forth over the tops of the donuts to cover them attractively.

Cover the tops of the donuts with nuts or sprinkles before the icing sets.

Let the donuts sit for about 15 minutes for the icing to harden slightly.