How to Make Simple Glazed Walnuts

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While you might think of glazed walnuts as a holiday treat, you can make them any time of the year. Use them to top ice cream sundaes, cakes or use them in savory salads to add crunch and a hint of sweetness. Simple and straightforward to make, always take extra care when you're working with hot sugar because it can cause severe burns.

Mix granulated sugar and salt in a large, heavy skillet. For each 2 cups of walnuts, use 1/2 cup sugar and 1/4 teaspoon salt.

Cook the sugar mixture over medium heat until the sugar begins to melt. Add the walnuts to the skillet, stirring the mixture constantly.

Cook the sugar-nut mixture until the sugar is completely melted and turns a rich, golden brown.

Pour the nut mixture onto waxed paper and let cool slightly.

Separate the nuts.

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