How to Make Your Own Round Acrylic Cupcake Stand

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Professional looking acrylic cupcake stand can be an expensive so you may wish to make one of your own. Using acrylic glass sheets that can be found at your local home renovation store, create a cupcake stand that will be a match for your beautifully baked cupcakes.

Draw out a circle on each one of the acrylic glass sheets with an erasable marker. The three circles should all be of different sizes so that the smallest one will go on top of the tower and the largest one will be at the bottom.

Cut the desired shapes in the acrylic glass with a circular saw. Use goggles and gloves to protect yourself.

Assemble four cake columns together by using glue. Repeat twice to have a total of three higher cake columns, each made of four cake columns.

Glue the top of each cake column to the bottom of each circle of acrylic glass. You will then have a total of three cake stands of different sizes.

Glue the bottom of the smallest stand to the top of the medium glass, and then the bottom of the medium stand to the top of the largest stand. Leave the assembled stand upside down for better drying.

Turn your cupcake stand right side up to complete the decoration when the glue has dried. Paint the stand any desired color and add a ribbon on the outer edge of the acrylic glass circles using the hot glue gun.