How to Make a Diaper Cake with 50 Diapers

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When choosing a gift for a mother-to-be, you can always opt for something from her gift registry. But if you want a more creative or personalized gift, you can make a diaper "cake" for the mother-to-be and incorporate small items from the gift registry. All you need is 50 diapers, some rubber bands and ribbon and a few other simple supplies.

Roll each diaper into a tight roll. Start at the waist of the diaper and roll down to the bottom. You can use any size diaper; however, newborn and size 1 are the easiest to work with. Secure each diaper roll individually using one rubber band per diaper.

Place a piece of double-sided tape on the bottom of an 8-ounce plastic baby bottle. Put the baby bottle in the center of a 14-inch cardboard cake round.

Surround the baby bottle with five rolled diapers standing vertically. Wrap a large rubber band around the diapers to hold them in place against the baby bottle.

Place a second ring of 11 diapers around the first ring. Wrap a second large rubber band around the outer ring of diapers to secure them in place. Repeat this step with a third ring of 18 diapers. Surround the outside of the outer ring with another rubber band. This will be the first tier of your diaper "cake."

Place five pieces of double-sided tape around the top of your diaper ring. This will hold the second tier of the "cake" in place.

Surround the top of the 8-ounce baby bottle that is sticking out of the center of the first tier of the diaper "cake" with five more rolled diapers. Once they are placed, secure them with a large rubber band.

Add a second ring of 11 diapers around the ring you just created. Secure them in place with a large rubber band.

Cut two pieces of 1-inch-wide ribbon. The length of the ribbon depends on the circumference of your diaper "cake." You will need one length of ribbon for each tier. The circumference will vary depending on the size diapers you used, how tight you rolled them and the width of the baby bottle you used.

Tie one piece of ribbon around the center of each tier of the diaper "cake" so that it covers your rubber bands.

Place small baby gifts onto your diaper "cake." Larger items can be tucked into the ribbon, or you can use additional ribbon to tie them onto the cake. Smaller items can be inserted between the diaper rings. Choose small items such as pacifiers, teething rings and sample-sized baby lotions.

Add a topper to your "cake." A topper can be as simple as a large ribbon tied into a bow or a toy. A small teddy bear or a toy airplane can be placed on the top center of the "cake" to finish it off.