Printable Diaper Cake Instructions

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Creating a diaper cake for a baby shower is a time-consuming and tedious undertaking. The result, however, is worth the effort, adding to the shower décor while providing a conversation piece and a practical gift for parents-to-be. Implement a theme by using colorful ribbon and tulle that coordinate to the shower theme. Complete the cake with small accents such as bibs, rattles and pacifiers.

Choose the color scheme you wish to feature, such as pink for a girl and blue for a boy, or neutral colors including yellow and green if the gender of the baby is unknown. Select a design theme such as ducks, polka-dots, stripes or solids. Coordinate the ribbon with the color and theme chosen.

Place a large circular object such as a planter or serving platter onto a piece of cardboard and trace the outline of it. Cut the cardboard circle out to use as your base for the diaper cake.

Roll each diaper vertically into a tight roll. Secure the diapers in the roll by placing a clear rubber band around the middle of each one.

Cut 50 pieces of six-inch-long, quarter-inch-wide ribbon. Tie the ribbon pieces around each diaper so that the ribbon covers the rubber bands. Tie a bow with the ribbon.

Place double sided tape on the bottom of a large circular bottle of baby shampoo, soap or lotion. Affix the bottom of the bottle to the middle of the bottom cardboard base.

Ask a person to assist you with creating your tiers, as you will need more than two hands to create the diaper cake.

Form a ring of six to eight rolled diapers around the bottles. Place a large rubber band around the ring to hold them in place. Form a second ring of 10 to 12 diapers around the first ring. Secure them in place with a large rubber band. Form a third ring of 14 to 16 diapers around the second ring and secure them in place with a rubber band. Complete the same process to create the second tier on top of the base tier, using about 12 diapers in total and the top tier atop the second tier, requiring about six diapers.

Measure the circumference of each diaper tier with measuring tape. Cut the thick two-inch-wide ribbon the length of the tier circumferences. Put the ribbon around the circumference of the diapers. Affix the ends of the ribbon with double-sided tape or glue.

Fill the middle of the top tier with a small stuffed animal, baby bottle, baby products or folded wash cloths or receiving blankets. Dangle baby pacifiers and rattles from the ribbon.

Cut a white piece of tulle large enough to fit the height and width of the baby diaper cake. Surround the diaper cake with the tulle and tie the top of the tulle with ribbon and a bow.