How to Make a Kitchen Towel Cake

Towel cakes are popular and inexpensive shower centerpieces and are simple to make. Not only are they interesting decor for a shower table, they are made up of useful gifts that the bride-to-be will appreciate. These towel cakes can also be a nice addition to a housewarming party or a hostess gift. In planning the kitchen towel cake, be mindful of finished proportions. The length and width measurements of the finished cake should be equal. A cake with a base of 8 inches should have a height of 8 to 10 inches.

Lay one of the towels flat on a table. Bring one length-wise side down over itself. Stop when it is 1/2 to 3/4 of the way to the opposite edge. Keep the folds smooth and be sure the ends are even. Repeat with each towel.

Line up the towels, end-to-end. Make sure they are all the same size. Pin the ends together with 2 large safety pins for each connection, making a long chain of towels. Starting at one end, neatly roll up the towels in one long roll. Make this roll as tight as possible.
Place the finished roll on one of the cardboard rounds with the folded side facing up. The top of the roll should be quite flat so that the layer of dish cloths that comes next will sit evenly.
Tie a length of organza ribbon in a bow around this layer.

Repeat this same technique with the dish cloths, except fold the dish cloths in half before connecting them to each other end to end. Roll up the dish cloths, secure them with a length of organza ribbon tied in a bow, and place them on top of the towel layer.

Take two more longer lengths of organza ribbon and wrap the layers together from bottom to top to hold them together. Tie the ribbons in a pretty bow at the top of the cake. Allow lengths of ribbon to cascade down the sides of the cake for decorative effect.

Embellish and decorate the hand towel cake by inserting the wooden spoons and other kitchen utensils into the cake. Allow them to stick out of the top of the cake. Add in the silk flowers if desired. Attach the flowers with hot glue or long pins.