How to Wrap a Towel Around Your Waist

Microfiber Towel - Folded image by MrGreenBug from

Whether you're traveling across the beach and wish to cover your swimsuit or leaving the shower and need to cover your body, a towel can provide the simplest solution. Using your towel, you can fashion a wrap around your waist in less than a minute. Furthermore, wrapping a towel around your waist requires no special pins or clasps to stay in place and is just as easy to remove.

Hold the towel in each hand by the top left and right corners. Pull the towel around you so that it is open at the front, encircles your waist and completely covers your hips and buttocks.

Hold the left and right corners of the towel out from your body. Pull the left flap tight across your body so that the towel covers your front.

Hold the left flap in place and cross the right flap tightly across your body so that it overlaps the left flap. Use your thumb to tightly tuck the right corner of the towel between the towel and your waist on the left side of your body.