How to Wrap a Towel Around the Body

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Drying off after showering or sunbathing can be cumbersome as your hands are tied up trying to hold up a towel. Using a towel as an after-bath wrap or a beach cover-up is a good way to dry off and remain modest at the same time. Wrapping a towel around your body will also keep the towel in place without the use of your hands, so you can enjoy doing other things in which one or both hands would be necessary.

Select a towel that is large enough to wrap completely around your body. A standard sized bath towel is suitable for children and slender individuals. Larger individuals may need a beach towel or a bath sheet. A man's towel should be long enough to cover the area from his waist to his knees. A woman's towel should should cover the area from the bust line to the knees or mid thigh.

Grasp the towel at each corner so that it is positioned horizontally, meaning the corners of the towel are lengthwise. A horizontal towel will give you the maximum surface area of towel to wrap around your body.

Flip the towel over your head or thread it through your hands so that it is behind you.The towel should now be covering your back and buttocks. Center the towel so that equal lengths of material are on each side of your body.

Bring one corner of the towel in toward your body, wrapping it snugly around the front of your body and tucking it under the opposite arm.

Repeat Step 4 with the remaining corner. Tuck the end of this corner into the top of the towel. This will hold the towel securely in place, ensuring it does not slip down as you move around.