How to Cut a Roast Against the Grain

by Jeanne Dober

Cooks who prepare roasts sometimes wonder how to cut the roast after. The roast should get cut against the grain so that you can slice the meat evenly and create a beautifully plated meal for the people that you are serving the meat to. Learning how to properly cut the roast against the grain allows you to slice and serve as much of the meat as you can.

Examine the cooked roast and look for the direction that the grain runs. The grain is the stringy material that you see in the meat.

Pick up a sharp knife to carve the meat with. Place the knife handle in the palm of your hand and wrap your hand around the handle.

Stick a fork in the roast and steady the roast with it while you cut the roast. This helps to keep the roast from moving out from under your knife.

Place your knife on the meat with the blade facing down, perpendicular to the grain. Saw the knife back and forth in a downward motion to slice off a piece of the roast. Place the freshly sliced roast onto a plate to serve.


  • Give the roast time to rest before you cut into it. By taking the roast out and allowing it to rest for 15 or 20 minutes you allow the juices to spread out in the meat without leaking out.

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