Proper Ways to Thaw a Wedding Cake

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Many couples keep the top layer of their wedding cake to eat on their one-year anniversary. In order for the wedding cake to last that long, it must be frozen in the freezer. When the one-year anniversary is coming up, think about ways to thaw your cake ahead of time so that you and your spouse are able to enjoy it on the anniversary day.


Your wedding cake is best thawed by removing it from the freezer and placing it in the refrigerator two or three days before you intend to eat it. Try to keep the wedding cake separate from other food items in the fridge, as smelly foods can alter the way your cake tastes. Accordingly, move your meat and cheese packages to their own compartment within the fridge, and do not remove the plastic wrapping and tin foil from the cake just yet.

Unwrapping the Cake

On the day you would like to eat the cake, remove the plastic wrap and tinfoil and allow it to continue thawing in the refrigerator. Check the defrosting progress by lightly tapping the icing with your finger. If it still feels hard, you still have a ways to go before you are ready to eat your cake. A softer icing will let you know that your cake may only need another hour or two in the fridge before you can set it out in room temperature.


The wedding cake should be removed from the refrigerator and left on the countertop to finish defrosting a couple of hours before you plan on eating it. Your cake should be room temperature when you eat it, so proper thawing techniques require a lot of strategic timing and planning. When you leave your cake on the counter to thaw, avoid putting it out in the open. If you can, cover the cake with a cake lid to prevent other odors from combining with the cake, altering its taste.


If you forget to plan ahead and take the cake out of the freezer in time to thaw in the fridge, allow the cake to defrost on the countertop to speed up the process. However, note that moving the wedding cake from the freezer directly to room temperature can cause condensation on the icing, giving it a slippery or slimy texture when you eat it. In turn, this can alter your perfect memories of how your cake tasted on your wedding day.