Gift Ideas for a Jack & Jill Party

Jack and Jill Parties are becoming more popular as men want to participate in wedding and baby showers. Since the traditions are changing, the gifts are as well. There are lots of gifts for baby and wedding showers that will make both the bride and groom or mom- and dad-to-be smile. You just have to be a bit more creative with your selections and think outside the box.

Luggage and Travel Gear

Couples can always use luggage as they start their marriage and lives together. Most new couples spend some time traveling and having new experiences, so luggage and travel accessories such as personalized luggage tags are a smart gift choice.

Outdoor Cookware and Entertaining Set

For couples who enjoy camping, barbecue parties and general entertaining, outdoor cookware such as barbecue tools, a grill, patio furniture and plastic, non-breakable dishes come in handy. Or give an umbrella for a table, lounge chairs, folding beach chairs and beach towels.

Bar Accessories

For a couple that likes to drink and entertain, cocktail glasses, drink stirrers, fancy coasters, wine corkers and other bar accessories are great presents. Put some small items in a decorative box with a bottle of wine or liquor and wrap it in cellophane to turn it into a gift basket.

Matching Sports Outfits

If the couple are big sports fans then get them matching sports outfits for their favorite teams. Or have custom jerseys made with their last name embroidered on the back. For couples expecting a child, get the baby an infant-size jersey, beanie or shoes with the favorite team's logo and name.

Humorous Parenting Books

There are tons of serious books on the subject of parenting and how to raise a child. Instead, choose something more light-hearted and realistic or "in the trenches." Check out books such as "How to Keep the Baby Alive Until Your Wife Gets Home" or "Raising the Perfect Child Through Guilt and Manipulation."

Funny Baby Outfits

Get some baby onesies with funny messages on the front. Sayings like, "Party at my crib," "I'm a breast man," "All mommy wanted was a backrub," and "I'd rather be naked." These will have the parents-to-be laughing and are great conversation starters when the baby has them on.