Funny 25th Anniversary Gifts

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Traditionally, we celebrate 25th anniversaries with silver, whether it’s silver jewelry, picture frames, belt buckles or letter openers. But not all couples want money clips, collector coins or shiny vases, and well-meaning friends and family may not be able to afford such niceties during hard economic times. If you’d like to acknowledge someone’s celebration without getting too romantic, choose a funny 25th anniversary gift. Funny gifts help express your lighthearted creativity, and can be more memorable than generic cards and presents.


Gift the lovebirds with funny apparel, including T-shirts, baseball caps and aprons. Some companies let you design the product to include a personalized joke, but don’t stress too much about inventing the perfect flippant remark. Jokes about marriage, husbands, wives and getting older abound on gag apparel websites, whether it’s a T-shirt that says “Property Of My Wife Since 1985,” a hat bearing the tongue-in-cheek statement, “7 Words For A Happy Marriage…Yes Dear, I’m Sorry It’s My Fault” or an apron inscribed, “Trophy Wife.” Whether or not the gift recipients ever wear the item doesn’t matter; they’ll have a good laugh either way.

Gift Basket

Forget traditional gift baskets stocked with fruit preserves, chocolates or salted cashews. Instead, create a funny 25th anniversary gift basket focused on a particular theme. A “marriage survival kit” might include rope to honor “the ties that bind,” a whistle for crying foul during arguments, or band-aids to patch up love’s aches and pains. Or build a just-for-fun “naughty” gift basket with over-the-top ticklers, edible lotions, sexy games and a bottle of champagne.

Photo Frames

Nod to traditional 25th anniversary silver gift traditions by purchasing a silver-backed photo album. Work with friends and family to fill the album with photographs commemorating the couple’s long relationship together. Look for funny shots recalling his bad mullet, her bright blue eye shadow and the time they dressed up for Halloween as Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. Don’t be merciless–include a few photographs where they look relaxed, happy and in love.


Some couples appreciate off-color jokes and will get a kick out of a slightly raunchy gift, such as rolls of toilet paper emblazoned with the words, “Happy 25th Anniversary.” Sure, paper is traditionally considered a gift for first anniversaries–that makes it even funnier. Sex coupons suggesting off-color marital activities will also get them giggling.

Just Plain Goofy

Plenty of gift items can be personalized with photos, transforming otherwise mundane presents into something funny-looking. For their 25th anniversary, gift your friends with 25 golf balls printed with a photograph of their faces. There’s no real point, but it’ll look pretty funny.

Common Sense

Be aware that people don’t always share the same sense of humor. If you’re having doubts about gifting your neighbors with a sparkling purple sex toy, maybe it’s not the right anniversary gift. An anniversary is something to be celebrated with warm intentions, so avoid mean-spirited presents or gifts that refer to the couple’s more challenging moments.