Fun Ladies Games to Play at a Church Function

Congregation greeting each other in church

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There’s nothing better than getting together with your church family to play games. Women are given an opportunity to connect with one another at a ladies game night in a way they typically can’t connect while running in and out of a service. Games are a great way to break down any walls of uncomfortability and awkwardness. Games create a platform for people to be a little silly and relaxed, allowing them to feel comfortable while getting to know the others. Providing clear direction and team-building games will strengthen the relationships among the women in your church.

Play Relay Games

Separate the women into four or five equal groups or teams. Have each team take five minutes to come up with a team name and a quick team cheer. Allow each team to share their name and cheer before starting the relay games. Have each team line up in a single-file line. On the opposite side of the room have a large trash bag with various women's clothing in it. Have each team member run to the other end of the room one at a time and put on everything in the bag and take it off again. She runs back to her team and tags the next person, who runs and does the same. The first team of ladies to complete the relay wins that round.

Play Bible Trivia

Play Bible trivia to challenge the ladies' knowledge on the Bible and create healthy competition. Place sheets of paper in front of each lady sitting at tables. Go around the room and ask a different Biblical question to each table. Have the women write down their answers. Give a minute or so and then ask the ladies to reveal their answers one at a time. After each woman has revealed her answer, reveal the correct answer. Have each woman keep track of how many answers she gets correct. Have a prize for the women who get the most correct answers.

Play Church Feud

Modify the game "Family Feud" to fit into a church setting. Have 12 women volunteer to play the game. Place six on one team and six on the other. Have questions that have been previously asked to the church staff available for the game. Questions such as, “how many hours do the members of the church staff spend in daily prayer?” Categorize each answer to the number of people who responded that way. For example 12 people said one hour, four people said five minutes and two people said 30 minutes. Have the women on each team guess the number they believe the most people voted for. Reveal the answers as given. Tally up the points at the end to award the winning team.