Ideas for a Womens' Devotional Prayer Breakfast

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A women's devotional prayer breakfast is an opportunity to bring together women of faith to encourage one another. With prayer and devotion as the focus, a prayer breakfast also allows women to celebrate and honor the special bond between all women. Celebration and gratitude for such a bond serves to renew the mind, body and spirit. While there is no set format for a prayer breakfast, proper planning and ideas centered around the purpose of worship will provide physical and spiritual nourishment.

Include Performances

Creative arts expression is a form of prayer that can touch the spirits of those present. Incorporate a diverse mix of artistic performances throughout the program and during event transitions where appropriate. Artistic performances can include a variety of musical selections, dance performances and religious poetry readings. Encourage the audience to sing along to musical selections which can be traditional hymns or contemporary songs led by a choir or solo performer. You can also play CDs or have live instrumental music to set the mood as guests arrive and depart.

Incorporate a Theme

Themes can help to create a deeper context for the prayer event. Seasonal themes such as a New Year's prayer event or beginning of the spring to represent new beginnings can help to set a reflective tone. Another idea is a family-centered theme to encourage cross-generational participation to make the occasion an even more meaningful expression of worship. Allow the youngest and the oldest members of the group to contribute with praise or words of thanksgiving.

Include Scripture Readings and Poems

Have someone recite a poem or scripture related to the experiences of women as the devotional reading. The scripture or poem should be a stirring expression of gratitude and inspiration. If possible, include the scripture or devotional reading on the back of a printed program so participants can follow along and take a copy home for further study. After the reading, allow a few moments for the audience to quietly reflect.

Prepare and Serve Healthy Foods

Skip the doughnuts and Danishes. Opt for more healthy choices that will fuel the body throughout the day. Nutritional selections may include fruit, whole wheat toast, along with spinach and tomato omelets. If possible, serve plated meals so that everyone can be served at the same time immediately following prayer. Otherwise, have a lay member lead a collective prayer before the guests head to the buffet. To maintain a prayerful atmosphere, keep the presentation and selection of foods simple so that the focus is on prayer and fellowship.

Select an Enaging Keynote Speaker

A female minister who can provide spiritual guidance to the audience is one option for a women's devotional prayer breakfast. You can also select someone from the community who has overcome substantial obstacles and can speak about the power of prayer to overcome life challenges. Encourage the speaker to talk for no more than 30 to 45 minutes. Allow time for audience members to ask questions and engage in dialogue with the speaker.

A Call To Action

As a conclusion to the event, urge the women to take action to help others in the community. Encourage the women to stay connected to one another either formally or informally. The conclusion should reaffirm the power of spiritual women who come together. A successful event will have participants leaving with renewed commitment to their spiritual development and the spiritual growth of others. If available, share relevant resources and announce the schedule of follow-up events that the participants should attend. A final announcement should also include a reminder to the guests to complete and turn in feedback form. You may also choose to end with a final prayer to officially dismiss everyone.

Prepare Printed Materials

Prior to the prayer breakfast, prepare printed programs that guests will receive when they arrive. The program can be a simple one-page description of the agenda or an elaborate booklet. The program should include the order of the events along with biographical information on the speakers and performers. Include a small feedback form as an insert in the program so guests can evaluate the event and leave comments on ways to improve future events.