Brown Rice and Eggs for Breakfast

by Caitlynn Lowe
You can serve eggs and brown rice in a number of unique and visually-appealing ways.

You can serve eggs and brown rice in a number of unique and visually-appealing ways.

While most traditional breakfasts generally rely on toast, waffles or oatmeal to provide a serving of grains, you can adapt a few old breakfast favorites -- and create a few new ones -- with whole-grain brown rice, instead. Adding protein-rich eggs to brown rice breakfast dishes helps keep the first meal of the day well-balanced and packed with energy.

Health Benefits

Rice is a low-calorie, low-fat and cholesterol-free grain option, especially for kids prone to food allergies. Brown rice has even greater health benefits as it contains high levels of fiber that aids in digestion, manganese that helps produce energy and magnesium that lowers the risk of Type 2 diabetes. Additionally, brown rice contains selenium and antioxidants that help reduce the severity of asthma in children. Eggs also make a healthy breakfast addition as they provide easily-absorbed protein, ideal for building muscle, along with antioxidants linked to strengthening the eye muscles.

Scrambled Eggs and Omelets

If you have left-over brown rice from last night's dinner, add it to your family's morning eggs for an extra dimension of texture and nutrition. While scrambling the eggs, add a serving of rice just before the eggs finish solidifying, incorporating the grains into pieces of cooked egg. Alternatively, mix cooked grains of rice into the eggs when preparing an omelet or fold a round omelet around a mound of fried brown rice and vegetables for a unique omelet filling.

Rice Bowl

A breakfast rice bowl combines layers of rice, vegetables and protein for a visually-appealing, well-balanced start to your family's day. Start each bowl with a serving of brown rice. Follow with a layer of flavorful vegetables, such as diced tomatoes, minced onion, green onion or chopped bell peppers. Add cooked scrambled eggs on top of the vegetables. If desired, mix a small amount of crumbled breakfast sausage with the eggs for additional protein. Garnish the bowl with your favorite shredded cheese for a serving of dairy.

Breakfast Burrito

That morning or the night before prepare an adequate amount of brown rice to feed your family. Dice a few southwestern vegetables, including tomatoes, bell peppers and onions. Cook the peppers and onions over low heat on the stove until tender. In a separate pan, scramble enough eggs for your family. Combine the rice, vegetables and eggs on warmed tortilla shells and top with shredded cheese. If desired, add salsa or creamy ranch dressing to complete the festive look and southwestern taste before folding and serving each burrito.

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