How to Make Your Deviled Eggs Look Great

You have a great recipe for deviled eggs... but if you want to make sure they LOOK as GOOD as they TASTE -- then just follow these simple steps.

Put your eggs in a larger than usual stainless steel pot. You want them to have lots of room. Using medium heat, bring them to a gentle boil.

Gently stir the eggs often with the wooden spoon. This helps the yolk stay in the middle of the egg so your finished deviled eggs will look nice and even.

Once your eggs come to a boil, cook them no longer than 12 minutes so the yolks don't discolor. When they are done, run them under cold water to stop the cooking.

After you peel the eggs, use a kitchen knife to cut a small slice from the underside of the white part of the egg. This makes a flat surface for the egg to rest on, so they don't roll around the plate.

Enjoy your beautiful plate of deviled eggs!