How to Store Egg Whites


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Think outside of the refrigerator when looking for options to store egg whites. Separating the egg whites from the yolk requires no special equipment nor does storing the leftover whites. While this works well for preserving the fat-free whites, do not use it for the fat and protein rich yolks which will change texture and taste. Using the yolks today and saving the egg whites for later gives you the ingredients for making egg white omelets or angel food cake anytime without wasting the yolks.

Tap the wide length of the egg flat against the counter around the circumference to create a crack.

Hold the egg over a bowl and pull apart the halves from the top until the yolk and white fall into the bowl.

Pull the yolk from the white in the bowl with clean fingers or a slotted spoon and deposit the yolk into the second bowl for immediate use.

Pour the egg white into one or two wells of an ice cube tray, filling each hole no more than halfway.

Repeat with the remaining eggs.

Freeze the egg whites in the ice cube tray for three to four hours, or until solid.

Transfer the frozen egg white cubes into a zip top freezer bag, seal and return to the freezer for up to six months. Thaw the egg whites overnight in the refrigerator before use.