Can You Eat an Egg That's Been Frozen?

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A whole egg still in its shell can easily burst when frozen. However, if you accidentally freeze an egg still in its shell and it remains intact, you can thaw it out for cooking, according to, a joint website of the federal agencies that oversee food safety in the U.S. However, you still need to cook the egg properly, and verify that it was frozen before the expiration date passed to ensure it is safe to eat.

Shells Don't Freeze Well

You should avoid freezing whole eggs wherever possible. The shell doesn't offer suitable protection and the egg inside goes bad faster than a properly stored egg mix. As the egg white and yolk freeze, they expand -- possibly breaking the shell in the process. Similarly, don't put whole hard-boiled eggs in the freezer. A cracked shell allows bacteria to enter the egg, eventually spoiling the contents.

Beat to Freeze

If you want to freeze whole eggs, crack the shell and pour the white and yolk into a plastic container. Lightly beat the egg together until you have a runny yellow mixture. The container must have a tight seal to prevent contamination. You should always label the box with a date. Stored in this way, eggs stay safe in the freezer for 12 months.

A Thaw Point

Raw or cooked eggs that have been frozen must be thawed and cooked before use. Leave them in the refrigerator overnight to thaw. If stored in a sealed container, you can speed up the thawing process by running it under a cold tap. Once thawed, you can't refreeze an egg product, including quiches, custard and pies. After thawing, store the egg in the refrigerator and cook and eat the egg within three days.

Using Frozen Egg

If you mix fresh eggs before freezing, it's hard to know how much thawed egg to use in your recipes. Around 3 tablespoons of the egg mix equals a single large egg. If the egg gives off a foul, sulfur-like smell before cooking, then it could have gone bad in the freezer. In this case discard the egg no matter how long it has been frozen.