Can You Substitute Egg Beaters for Eggs When Baking?

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You may not put too much thought into using Egg Beaters when cooking things such as French toast and scrambled eggs, but they can provide several health benefits. Egg substitutes offer a healthy alternative to shelled eggs because they lack the yolk. They can be used when baking, so long as you replace the shell egg with the right amount of egg substitute.

Choose which type of Egg Beaters you’ll need. While you may just want plain egg substitutes for things like cakes, Egg Beaters come in several different flavors, including Cheese and Chives, Garden Vegetable and Southwestern. They can also jazz up recipes such as breads and casseroles.

Gather your baking ingredients. Cooking with egg substitutions doesn’t change how you follow your recipe when it comes to the other ingredients. The only thing that’s different is that the eggs you’ll be using are the Egg Beaters instead of shelled eggs.

Check your recipe to see how many shelled eggs it calls for. Recipes use eggs for different reasons, such as binding ingredients together, or as a leavening agent that gives your dish volume and texture. Using substitutes can provide a slightly different texture. The number of eggs the recipe calls for will determine the amount of Egg Beaters you’ll need to use.

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Read the label on your Egg Beaters package to see how much egg substitution you’ll need for each egg. If you’re unable to find this information, you can use the basic conversion rate of 3 1/2 tbsp. of egg substitute for each egg called for in the recipe. Add it to your mix as you would if you were using shelled eggs.

Mix and prepare your dish according to your recipe instructions as you normally would.