Is There a Substitute for Eggs in Baking a Yellow Box Cake?

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Many reasons exist why you might want to substitute something for eggs when baking a yellow box cake. Maybe you’re watching your cholesterol. Perhaps you have an allergy to eggs. Maybe you’re a vegan -- someone who avoids eating any animal products at all. Or, perhaps you simply started baking, then realized you have no eggs in the house and hope to avoid running out to the store. You can use a number of other ingredients in place of eggs. You can substitute something else for up to three eggs in a recipe, according to Kids with Food Allergies, a division of the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. if a recipe calls for more than three eggs, substitutions may not work well and it might work better to choose a different recipe that requires fewer eggs.

Egg Substitutes

Most grocery stores sell egg substitutes, usually in the dairy section. Typically, these are made from eggs but have less cholesterol than real eggs. Make sure you read the ingredients carefully if you are allergic to eggs or want an egg-free product.

Egg Replacements

Egg replacements, commonly found at health food stores, usually come in a powdered form and are egg-free. If you have allergies or want to avoid all animal products, though, read the ingredients carefully to make sure you can safely use an egg replacement product. Follow the directions on the package.

Pureed Fruit

You can use pureed fruit such as unsweetened applesauce, pureed pumpkin, or mashed banana in place of eggs in a cake mix. Use one-quarter cup pureed fruit for each egg you want to replace. Depending on the fruit you use, it may slightly affect the taste of your cake but usually the change in taste is not significant.

Gelatin as a Substitute

Stir two tablespoons unflavored gelatin into one cup boiling water. You can use 3.5 tablespoons of this gelatin mixture for each egg you want to replace, according to the website of Kids with Food Allergies.

Ground Flax Seed

The website of Kids with Food Allergies also suggests that you stir one tablespoon of ground flax seed into three tablespoons of warm water for each egg you want to replace. Allow the mixture to stand one minute before you add it to your boxed cake mix.

Baking Powder and Vegetable Oil

You can combine two teaspoons baking powder, one tablespoon oil, and two tablespoons water for each egg you want to replace, suggests the website of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. Add the mixture to your boxed cake mix.