How to Use Turkey Eggs

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Turkey eggs are similar to chicken eggs. They are larger, typically weighing around 80 to 90 grams, but are similar in flavor to chicken eggs. Turkeys don’t produce as many eggs as chickens do, so the eggs usually are used to hatch more turkeys rather than for human consumption. If you do wish to use turkey eggs in your cooking or baking, they can be found at specialty markets.

Hatch a new turkey. According to The Poultry Pages website, it is possible to hatch a turkey egg by using an incubator. Place the egg in an incubator set at a temperature of 37.5 degrees Celsius and a humidity of 55 percent. Reduce the temperature to 37 degrees Celsius after 25 days. As long as it is fertile, the egg should hatch by the 28th day. The longer you wait to incubate the egg, the less likely it is to hatch.

Cook turkey eggs. Turkey eggs can be cooked in a similar manner to chicken eggs. You can scramble, fry or poach turkey eggs; however, because they are larger than chicken eggs they will take a little bit longer to cook. Turkey eggs are higher in calories than chicken eggs, and, according to the website, they average 135 calories per egg.

Bake using the turkey eggs. For recipes that call for two chicken eggs, only one turkey egg will be required as they are nearly double the size. One of the reasons eggs are used in baking is to provide texture to whatever you are baking, be it bread, cake, muffins or other baked good. If you use a turkey egg in a recipe in place of a single chicken egg, it will yield a chewier end result, as eggs provide the binding structure in baked goods. In essence, it's as though you are doubling the egg portion of the recipe if you use turkey eggs.