How to Freeze Goat's Milk

Glass of milk, (Close-up)

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Consumers who drink goat’s milk are often so enamored with its taste and its health benefits that they do not want to waste a precious drop. If you have more goat’s milk than you can use before it will spoil, you can freeze it with good results. Goat’s milk keeps its taste after you thaw it.

Fill a freezer bag with approximately three quarts of goat's milk. Do not add more milk than this to each bag because you must allow for expansion as the liquid freezes.

Close the zipper of the freezer bag, squeezing out the excess air.

Place the freezer bag into a second freezer bag and close that bag (again squeezing out the excess air). Double bagging the goat’s milk will prevent leaks.

Label the bags with the contents and the date you are freezing the goat's milk. Lay the bags flat in the freezer and freeze them.

Keep the goat’s milk frozen for as long as one year.

Defrost the goat’s milk by removing a bag and placing it on a plate (to catch leaks) in the refrigerator. Leave the goat’s milk in the refrigerator for three or four days. Shake the bag periodically during the thawing process to blend the milk and keep it from separating.

Pour the goat’s milk from the bag when it is finished thawing. Process the goat’s milk in the blender, if desired.