How to Freeze Yogurt Sauce

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Yogurt is a smooth, delicious base for sweet or zesty sauces. Loaded with nutritional benefits, even people who are normally lactose-intolerant often enjoy yogurt. Once you have whipped up that yogurt sauce for your Greek chicken or pitas you do not want to see it go to waste. Avoid tossing away money by tossing out extras. Freeze your yogurt sauce and use it again later. Freezing neither diminishes the flavor nor kills the beneficial bacteria found in yogurt.Your frozen yogurt sauce will keep as long as the expiration date on the yogurt packaging.

Allow cooked creams to cool down before freezing.

Spoon or pour the sauce into a plastic container. Snap the lid into place.

Tear off a piece of masking tape and put it on the lid. Write the contents of the container on the tape.Write the yogurt's expiration date from the original yogurt container on the plastic storage container.

Place the container in the freezer.