How to Sweeten Plain Yogurt

James And James/Photodisc/Getty Images

Yogurt can offer a wide variety of health benefits, according to Elaine Magee at WebMD. These include making you feel fuller, reducing the risks of osteoporosis and high blood pressure, and helping with constipation and diarrhea. There are lots of way to eat yogurt: You can include it in a smoothie or use it to replace oil in recipes for many baked goods. Of course, you can also eat it plain--and you can sweeten plain yogurt to suit your taste.

Select the sweetener you wish to use in your yogurt. This can vary depending on your personal taste as well as what you have on hand. Some options include fresh fruits (especially soft and juicy ones that will blend with the yogurt, such as ripe blackberries or strawberries), brown sugar, white sugar, jam, jelly and honey.

Add a small amount of the sweetener to your yogurt and mix thoroughly with a spoon or fork. If you are using fresh fruit to sweeten your yogurt, smash it with the spoon or fork to allow it to blend thoroughly into the yogurt.

Taste your yogurt to determine whether it is sweet enough for your taste. If not, add more sweetener and mix again. Repeat until the plain yogurt is sweetened to your taste.