How to Form an Event-Planning Committee

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An event-planning committee can come in handy if you're responsible for a large or complicated activity. The committee should be formed early so it can take part in the planning from start to finish. Take the lead when it comes to setting deadlines and recruiting committee members.

Start making plans for the committee months ahead of the event. Establish how often the committee should meet and keep meetings to a minimum so people don't get bored. Schedule extra meetings as the event gets closer.

Establish the committee members' responsibilities and plan any subcommittees before you approach people to join the committee.

Invite people to join the committee. Focus on people who have shown an interest in the event or have experience planning similar events. Ask in person and give the individual all the details you have planned to that point. Send them emails thanking them for joining your committee and reminding them of the details of your first meeting.

Have each member fill out a short form with contact information at the first meeting. Review the meeting schedules and provide details about the event and any current assets or problems. Point out where you need help and what decisions need to be made. Bring up the subcommittees and let the group determine which members will be in charge of them. Assign subcommittee chairs by the end of the first meeting.