How to Conduct a Dedication Ceremony

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A dedication ceremony is a great way to recognize a business opening or recreation area. Being at the forefront of this kind of event can be stressful, but with proper planning the event will go off without a hitch. Allowing enough preparation time will ensure you have a fantastic, stress-free event. When these events are done the right way, they can be rewarding and exciting.


Consult with the business professionals and important people you would like to have involved in the event. Provide them with a range of dates and choose one for which most of the VIPs can attend. As many of these people as possible should attend the ceremony.

Choose a master of ceremonies if you do not want to emcee. Choose someone comfortable with speaking in front of a crowd and able to entertain people.

Create invitations for the event. The invitation should include the date and time of the event, location of the event, list of key participants and other important information. Create a list of people who would be interested in the dedication ceremony, as well as people the VIPs would like to invite.

Promote the ceremony to local -- and possibly national -- media outlets. This includes newspapers, television stations, radio stations and key Internet reporters. Create fliers and posters for the event and hang them in areas where your target audience will frequent. This can include grocery stores, schools and other high traffic areas.

Send invitations and make a list of people who have RSVP's to give you an idea of how many people will attend the dedication ceremony.

Purchase large scissors and a long red ribbon for a ribbon cutting part of the dedication ceremony. Arrange for a microphone and podium to be in place if your speakers would like to use these items.

Set up the chairs, podium, microphone, ribbon and other aspects of the ceremony on the morning of the event. Be available to take care of any last-minute details and any problems that could arise. Take notes during the ceremony to decide what went well and what could be improved for the next dedication ceremony you arrange.