How to Organize a Rave

by Contributor ; Updated September 28, 2017

Items you will need

  • Location
  • DJ

How to Organize a Rave. There really is more to throwing a rave, or dance party, than getting your friends together to promote a party in the woods. Although that is the image that many people hold in their mind. If you want to organize a rave, here are a few tips to help get you started.

Organize a Rave

Step 1

Find a location that can hold a great deal of people. You will want to make sure the venue has good ventilation and a great sound system (unless you choose to bring your own).

Step 2

Hire security for your rave. You will need a certain number of security guards depending on the number of people you expect. Check you city's laws for the exact numbers.

Step 3

Select a DJ. The main ingredient to a successful party is the DJ. If your DJ already has a reputation, then he will bring people in with little effort.

Step 4

Take out proper insurance to cover personal and damage liability. Some venues include this in the price, while others make you take the insurance out on your own.

Step 5

Find promoters to get the word out on your party. Promoters usually get paid by how many people they bring in on their guest list.

Step 6

Staff your rave if you venue does not provide bartenders, doormen, janitors or other key people needed during the party. Make sure you organize a shift schedule if the rave is long.

Step 7

Print flyers to advertise your party. With raves, your audience expects hip design. Consider hiring an artist in the scene to create your flyer.

Prepare for Your Party

Step 1

Do a venue check a few days before the party. Make sure that everything is set up for your rave, including the sound system.

Step 2

Check the guest lists to see how many people you are expecting. Beef up security if you need to.

Step 3

Call any VIP guests to make sure they will be attending. Make sure that they are on the comp (free) list, so they don't have to wait in line.

Step 4

Make sure the staff is prepared for the crowd. Provide everyone working the rave with a uniform, most likely consisting of a t-shirt, to set them apart form the crowd.

Step 5

Confirm your paperwork is in order and make several copies of permits and licenses to bring with you to the party in case the police show up.


  • If this is your first rave, consider working with an established promotion company so that you gain experience.


  • Make sure you get all the licenses and permits required by your locale. An illegal rave may be cheaper, but it will get shut down immediately.