How to Plan an In-home Casino Night

How to Plan an In-home Casino Night. Thanks to explosion of casino game rental companies, you can now bring the casino experience home. This allows your guests to enjoy games of skill and chance without trekking to a brick-and-mortar casino and without actually losing money. At the same time, you get to celebrate a special occasion in an exciting and unique way.

Be creative with your invitations. Choose ones which incorporate the theme of your party through pictures of slot machines or poker tables.

Invite guests who will be compatible. You may not want to invite your bowling team the same night as you plan to invite the museum board. You want all your guests to feel comfortable.

Ask guests to wear costumes. This is always a great ice-breaker and makes the party even more interesting.

Notify your close neighbors that you are having an in-home casino night and you can even invite them if you are on friendly terms. This may cut down on complaints if the party runs long.

Hire an experienced bartender. Not only will you free up your time, but you can also control the amount of alcohol being served.

Plan to serve dinner buffet-style. Guests can choose what and when they want to eat. Just make sure your buffet is well-stocked throughout the night.

Prepare gift bags with small items to remind your guests of casino night. There are many online vendors, such as Oriental Trading Company, that offer casino-themed novelties.

Think about hiring a valet service if your neighborhood is short of parking. Your guests will appreciate this kind gesture and it will reduce the amount of noise in the neighborhood as guests retrieve their cars.

Create a playlist of suitable music for the occasion. You want to keep the music upbeat, but not overpowering. If you will have dancing later on, bring in a DJ who can keep the momentum going.

Pick the appropriate casino games for your guests and your space. Large blackjack tables may not be a good fit for an intimate party held in a studio apartment. Likewise, a few slot machines may look out of place in a palatial game room or large backyard.