How to Sell Raffle Tickets to Raise Money for a Wedding

Dae Seung Seo/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Selling raffle tickets is an innovative way to offset the costs of a wedding. Because each state has specific laws and restrictions about the sale of raffle tickets to the public, it's best to target family and friends at pre-wedding events such as a Jack and Jill gathering or a bridal shower. Although this is a smaller-scale raffle, proper organization is required for the event to be successful and fun for those involved.

Buy raffle tickets at party stores or online. It's easier to buy printed raffle rickets rather than to make your own. Estimate how many tickets you will sell and buy that number. Be optimistic in your sales estimate so you don't run out of tickets.

Secure a prize or range of prizes that will be attractive to your target audience. The key is to have prizes donated to the raffle so that additional costs are not incurred. Prize strategies include having a first prize, second prize and third prize that are staggered in value. Three prizes are more attractive to the raffle purchaser. If you choose to have one raffle prize, ensure that its value is attractive to the purchaser. Some ideas for raffle prizes include weekend getaways at a resort, dinner for two, fine clothing, food and beverages.

Price the tickets so that they are affordable and an incentive is offered for multiple purchases. For instance, single tickets could be $5 apiece but four tickets for $15. Also decide on the price point based on the raffle gifts. Less expensive gifts normally dictate less expensive tickets.

Publicize the rules of the raffle. This can be achieved with a sign posted at the raffle table. It should detail the prizes and prize levels and note the time of the raffle drawing. Make it clear whether the winner must be in the room at the time of the drawing or if the winner will be contacted later.

Collect the names and contact information of the ticket buyers on the tickets. This is important to be able to notify winners, but also this information can be used to send thank-you notes after the wedding.

Sell the raffle tickets at the door of the event. People are most likely to purchase tickets as they enter the venue of the Jack and Jill or bridal shower. Place a raffle table at the entrance and have volunteer ticket sellers work the room. Have a cash float available to help make change. A float of $200 is standard.

Have fun. Raffles are a fun way to raise money. Those purchasing tickets should be told that they are helping to make a dream wedding a reality. It should be a joyous event with glad tidings for all participating.