How to Plan a Stag and Doe Party

A stag and doe party, also known as a buck and doe party, is an opportunity for the bride and groom to raise money for their wedding and honeymoon. Careful planning will ensure that everyone has a good time and the couple will profit.

Getting Ready

Pick a venue to host your stag and doe party. VFWs, American Legion Halls, and grange halls are all inexpensive places to host a dance.

Print tickets to sell and fliers to hand out. The fliers should reveal the location of the party, the time and the ticket price. Your tickets can carry the same information. Tickets can range in price from $5 to $25.

Find out about liquor licensing and insurance either from the town hall or from a local liquor agency.

Recruit family and friends, especially those in the wedding party, to help you set up for the party. Enlist volunteers to help you clean up afterwards.


Hire a DJ or band to play for the evening. Make sure to have a contract that states their price and how long they agree to play.

Pick out several inexpensive door prizes to give away. Gift baskets filled with homemade preserves or baked goods are easy to put together

Purchase a roll of pre printed tickets to use for a 50/50 raffle. Winners of the 50/50 raffle often give the money back to the bride and groom as a gesture of good will.

Plan some fun dances, like the chicken dance or the macarena, to get your guests moving and laughing.

Food and Beverage

Serve inexpensive foods such as pasta salads, finger rolls, sweet breads and potato chips.

Ask friends and family to each bring their favorite snacks or cookies to share at the party.

Have a big bowl of non-alcoholic punch ready to serve along with a back up beverage, such as soda or water.

Serve beer, wine and limited cocktail drinks to keep your liquor costs low. Novelty drinks such as fuzzy navels and jello shots are always popular.