How to Throw the Best Luau Party for Teens

Trying to throw a party for a hard-to-please teen? Say “aloha” to a luau theme, complete with exciting invitations, tropical décor and lots of leis! eHow has all the steps to help you plan the best teen luau this side of the islands, so read on and get ready to party.

Throwing the Best Teen Luau Party

Establish a budget. Once you know how much you would like to spend on the party, budget your money, reserving the most for decor, food and beverages, and some for invitations, party favors and music.

Decide on your guest list. Try to select close friends and family who you know get along, avoiding guests known for creating drama and conflict.

Pick out some luau-themed invitations. Many party supply stores carry invites shaped as palm trees or hula girls; purchase enough of these for all your guests and personally address them with an exciting message about your luau. Try “Ready to party in the hot Hawaiian sun? Then come to my over-the-top luau!” or another message that conveys the tropical theme of the party.

Don’t forget to request on your invite that guests come dressed in Hawaiian garb such as colorful shirts and grass skirts. Place each invitation in a clear, sealable bag filled with sand and seashells to add to the theme, and hand deliver to your invitees.

The most important part of a great luau is creating an environment that truly captures the magic of Hawaii. String party lights and colorful paper lanterns from your ceiling, along with blue and green streamers from your doorways. Set up inflatable palm tress and cardboard surfboards in the corners of your party room, and scatter the floor with beach balls and colorful flowers. You can find traditional luau music to play, but your party will be more exciting with some upbeat, reggae tunes to dance to.

Make sure you have enough food and beverages for your expected number of guests. Have a punch bowl full of the luau classic Hawaiian punch, and spice it up by adding carbonated soda and cubed pineapples. Also have enough additional sodas or nonalcoholic “moctktails” available so that every guest can have a few, and fun and fresh snack foods such as colorful fruit skewers, fish tacos and macadamia nuts. Hawaiian barbecue chicken and coconut pudding (available at most grocery stores) make a great main course and dessert.

Don’t forget the limbo stick. To add some excitement to this traditional luau game, throw in a prize for the guest who can limbo the lowest--a beautiful flower lei or a poster of Hawaii. Enjoy the rest of the luau party dancing, mingling and laughing the night away.