College Theme Party Ideas for Spring Break

Theme party ideas for college students on spring break can get very wild. Spring break is a notorious time for college student parties and partying college students. The most popular locations and themes for spring break parties involve water, sun and fun. They also tend to involve a variety of alcoholic beverages, ideally in controlled quantities.

Luau College Party Idea

Throw a classic luau for a popular spring break party theme. Hold the luau on a large stretch of beach that provides ample room for different activities. Go all out on the food and include a roasted pig, pineapple and mango fruit salad, Hawaiian bread rolls, coconut roasted sweet potatoes and pineapple upside-down cake. Offer fruit punch, lemon water, beer, bahama mama cocktails, pineapple screwdrivers and a variety of margaritas.

Decorate the luau college party with flower garlands, faux coconut trees, tiki torches and bamboo tables. Play games of limbo with a bamboo stick, hold Frisbee competitions between small teams, have a spear-throwing contest with plastic toy spears and use hula hoops to have a hooping contest. Include some Hawaiian music on a stereo for ambiance, or hire a live band to play the music.

Pool College Party Idea

Use a pool-themed party if you’re planning a spring break event and cannot use a real beach. Use the barbecue to cook salmon, swordfish, chicken and hamburgers for the main dishes. Add a watermelon fruit basket, potato salad, green salad and condiments. Offer lemonade, wine, beer and a variety of fruity cocktails.

Hang fishing nets scattered with plastic fish over the pool deck railings. Place a fishing net doily in the middle of each blue table and add seashells to create centerpieces. Set up sunning chairs and beach umbrellas around the pool area. Play regular volleyball, pool volleyball and pool basketball. Set up a dance floor area with fish net, beach ball and seashell decorations so that guests can dance. Use a stereo or live DJ for the music.

Toga College Party Idea

Throw a toga-themed party if you cannot have the event outside during spring break. Remind guests that they must wear a toga to gain entry into the party. Offer feta-topped flat bread, stuffed grape leaves, tomato and cucumber salad, grape salad and lamb gyros. Provide a variety of beer and wine. Make sure to also have some ouzo, an anise-flavored liquor from Greece.

Cover the walls at the party location with faux trellis pieces. Weave grapevines around the trellises to decorate every wall. Add white tables with grapevine and grape bunch centerpieces. Provide a large dance floor and prepare a wide variety of music. Place a kids pool filled with grapes in the middle of the dance floor for grape stomping. Use large olives in a basin to play “Bobbing for Olives.” Use large olives and plastic spoons to hold spoon races.