Sweet 16 Pool Party Ideas

happy birthday image by Ewe Degiampietro from Fotolia.com

Throwing your teenager a sweet sixteen party can be done in the comfort of your own home, more specifically around your backyard pool. Your teenager and her friends will love spending an afternoon splashing in the warm water and sipping on tropical drinks.


Purchase several pairs of inexpensive, white sunglasses; write the word "sixteen" on the stem of each pair with glitter paint. Write the pertinent information for the party--such as the date, time and location of the party--onto a cardboard luggage tag. Tie the information for the party onto the sunglasses; place each of these beach-themed invitations into small boxes. Mail the invitations to all the invitees at least a few weeks in advance. You and your soon-to-be sixteen-year-old child can also dress up in grass skirts, over-sized sunglasses, straw hats, flip flops and Hawaiian shirts to hand deliver the invitations to each guest.


Continue with the beach theme and decorate the area around the pool with exactly 16 beach balls and 16 tiki torches. Use beach towels as tablecloths. Lay out several towels under over-sized umbrellas for seating options for your guests. Set up games inside of the pool, such as a volleyball net and several beach balls to throw around as well.

Fill several colorful plastic buckets with sand and plastic crabs and lobsters; write "Sweet 16" on them with permanent marker. Tie 16 brightly colored, helium-filled balloons to the handles of these buckets. Use them as centerpieces for your tables.


Fire up the barbecue. Serve the guests hamburgers, hot dogs, bratwurst and other traditional foods that are cooked on the grill. You can also place a rotisserie attachment onto the grill and roast an entire pig, with an apple in its mouth. Serve your guests non-alcoholic versions of favorite beach drinks, such as margaritas and any other fruity cocktail with an umbrella.

Place out several trays that contain tropical fruits such as pineapples, mangos, and papaya that are arranged in the shape of a 16. The birthday cake can also be fashioned in the shape of a fish, a beach ball or a pool that has the number 16 written in the birthday boy or girl's favorite color.

Party Favors

Make up goodie bags for each of your guests as they enter the party with beach essential items. Write the words Sweet Sixteen Pool Bash (along with your child's name) on each of the bags.These bags could include sunglasses, a pair of flip flops that have the number 16 written on them, a small bottle of sunscreen and a miniature inflatable beach ball. You can also give out beaded necklaces with a "16" plastic charm on it.