Competition Theme Ideas

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Contests can be a fun and challenging, and promote a sense of friendly competition among friends and colleagues. Many situations are good for a competition, whether it is to raise money for charity, encourage motivation or test people’s abilities against each other.

Bingo Theme

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A bingo theme is a competition mainly based on luck. It introduces a playful side to competitions. In a charity setting, bingo can help you raise money. Players purchase bingo cards with the chance to win the grand prize, usually donated, and any remaining money is donated. In a corporate environment, a bingo-themed competition can lighten the mood of employees and encourage a sense of achievement. In a business bingo contest, organize the bingo card per menu items, suggests Jim Sullivan in an article on sales contests. The first staff member to sell all the items or a complete row wins the prize.

Charitable Decorating Theme

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Raise money for charity or some other cause by having competitors pay an entrance fee for the opportunity to create an item, which an independent panel will judge. Craft groups, and other organizations that make things, would find this competition theme suitable. Seasonal, cultural, or topical themes are a few of the themes that you can assign to the items competitors will make. Introduce a limit on the amount of money and time an individual can spend on creating his item to make the competition fairer. If the item type permits, you can sell the entrants' creations to raise additional funds. You can donate to charity profits made from the entrance fee and selling the items.

Partner Sports Day

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Although usually for children, sports days are an enjoyable form of competition. Consider holding a partner sports day in which all the events require two participants per entry to shake things up. Fun games such as the three-legged race or the wheelbarrow racing are part the competition. Sports such as running and sprinting can belong to the competition by requiring participants to run in relays. These activities will be a blast for all: sports days can be held simply for fun, or to raise money for charity (with each team paying a fee), or to help develop team spirit between work colleagues.