Ideas for a Church Graduation Party

Graduation is a symbol of a coming of age. Having completed the rigors of 12 years of education, young people are becoming young adults. They will go out into the community and make a difference. One way for the community to acknowledge this momentous occasion is with a church graduation party. You may not want it to be a typical teenage bash, but here are some ideas for creating a meaningful celebration.

Engage A Church Leader

It is fitting that this accomplishment be formally acknowledged by a church leader. Arrange for a priest, pastor or even a youth-group leader to make a short speech praising the graduates. The speech should give advice for taking what the kids have learned and melding it with the practices of the church for implementation in the community. Hopefully, the guests of honor will be inspired to continue their faith and spread its teachings wherever they go.

A Religious Gift

You can conclude the formalities with issuing some sort of award. Whether it be a certificate of accomplishment, or fun superlatives like “Most likely to be late for church.” Or “Most likely to need confession every week.” You also can hand out a religion-oriented gift. This trinket can help to inspire the young person in their journey forward. A rosary, a cross, a bible or a necklace with a cross pendant are all symbols of the church that make wonderful gifts for young adults.

Provide Music and Refreshments

Finally, the most important activity at any party is to have fun. You don’t have to get crazy to have a good time. Some music, playing at a reasonable level, and some form of refreshments are really all young people need to let loose. If your church allows dancing you can incorporate a dance floor. Having your party early in the evening will help to insure that no inappropriate activities take place. Also enlisting the help of adults to supervise your party will create a safer environment. Make sure to take lots of pictures for display in the church recreation area. These photos can encourage younger members to continue on in their education and faith.