How to Prepare a Mother's Day Service

How to Prepare a Mother's Day Service. When you want to dedicate some time to all those selfless women who you call mom, prepare a Mother's Day service combining music, readings and a presentation of gifts.

Decide on events that will make up your service. To keep organized, write up possible ideas for events and save them to a folder on your computer. Continue adding documents to the folder to keep track of all your ideas and to refer to when you are ready to create a program for the Mother's Day service.

Determine the specific amount of time allotted for the service and then set a certain amount of minutes for each segment. One such activity is to have the children in your congregation, group or club present the moms in attendance with a single flower.

Order bunches of cut stems from a florist and have them delivered the day before the event. This way you can add them to water so that the flowers can fully open up in time for the festivities. Popular flowers that hold up well and look pretty are carnations, daisies and mums.

Learn about the background of Mother's Day to help you prepare for your service. At the first official Mother's Day service in 1908, Miss Anna Jarvis sent 500 white carnations to a church in West Virginia. Along with the buds, she had a special telegram honoring her mother, Ann M. Jarvis, who helped inspire the idea for Mother's Day in the U.S.

Include snippets of Miss Jarvis' original message to incorporate into the events of your day. Hand out a flyer or program filled with a brief history of Mother's Day.

Prepare the music selection for your service. Decide on a few songs, hymns and instrumental tracks to liven up the program. Explore what music other churches or community groups have used for their services to get an idea of what might be right for your event. In between the songs, have a child or guest speaker read a poem or tell a story that relates to the role mothers play in the world.