Ideas for a Church Women's Group for Mother's Day

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A church women's group knows the value of celebrating women and mothers. In a church setting, even women who are not raising children become mother mentors as they work with children in Sunday School, youth groups and other church activities that focus on children. Mother's Day means finding ways to show appreciation for mothers with gifts, notes and by incorporating the men and children who appreciate all what the mothers of the congregation do.

Special Luncheon

Hold a special Mother's Day luncheon sponsored by the church women's group. Decorate with flowers, balloons and Mother's Day poems. Create a banner that reads “Mother's are Special,” “God Loved Enough to Create Moms” or, simply, “Celebrate Mothers.” Meal ideas include light salads and coffee or something more substantial, depending upon the mothers who are attending. If you will have a lot of mothers with very young children, offer babysitting. Ask the men or both men and the children of the church to serve the Mother's Day luncheon. Children may also prepare a song to entertain during the luncheon. The key is to give mothers a break as well as to show appreciation.

Roses and Cards of Appreciation

Plan a time during which Sunday School children and those in the youth group create handmade cards of appreciation for their mothers. The group might include women who assist with children's ministry and those whose children are grown and far away. Ask the children to make an extra card or two for these other women in church. Provide all the supplies the children need to make the cards such as construction paper in a variety of colors, markers, glitter, scissors and glue. On Mother's Day provide time during the service for the children to present their cards as well as roses to their mothers and any other woman for whom they have made a card.

Video Presentation

Ask the church women's group to collect pictures of the women from their families. Take pictures or videos of mothers with their families. Also take pictures of the mothers with the children or youth they teach in Sunday School. Ask the children, on camera, to provide words of appreciation to their mothers and other women of the church. With the assistance of those in the youth group, have the church women's group put together a special video tribute to mothers using pictures, videos and expressions of appreciation. Play the video during the church service on Mother's Day while the children and youth hand each woman a long-stemmed rose.

Basket of Blessings

Purchase baskets for the mothers of the church. Fill with little tokens such as a New Testament geared toward mothers and index cards with verses about and encouragement for mothers and encouragement for mothers, as well as chocolates, special soaps, lotion and a gift card. Have the children of the church make cards of appreciation for their mothers or other women of the church who have inspired them. Add a candle and a flower. Present the baskets during the Mother's Day service or have a special Mother's Day celebration during the Sunday School hour with the children presenting the gift baskets.