What Is the Meaning of Flag Day in the United States?


Flag Day is a holiday in the United States which celebrates the adoption of the American flag. The holiday is celebrated around the country with parades and memorial services for those who have died in defense of the United States. Like Memorial Day, Flag Day is considered a patriotic holiday, and is particularly celebrated by the Armed Forces and those veterans who have served abroad. Flag Day is celebrated on June 14 each year.


The adoption of Flag Day was undertaken by President Woodrow Wilson, in 1916; it wasn't until 1949 that Congress enacted legislation supporting his decision.

Fun Fact

Flag Day is celebrated by veteran's organizations around the country. While Flag Day is meant to commemorate the adoption of the American Flag, it isn't actually a national holiday.


The largest Flag Day celebration in the United States is held in Troy, New York. Thousands of revelers join together to honor veterans and those who have died in defense of the flag.

Expert Insight

According to some historians, Flag Day was originally meant to garner support and patriotism for the potential upcoming World War I. However, that is unsubstantiated.


Pennsylvania is the only state in the Union to officially observe Flag Day. Much of the celebration of Flag Day in Pennsylvania is centered around the former home of Betsy Ross, the flag's creator.