Why Do Guys Give Girls Flowers?

Tim Kitchen/Lifesize/Getty Images

Whether you're a man wanting to learn when to present a woman with flowers or a woman seeking the meaning behind a recent gift, you'll find many potential reasons. Men, use flowers to express sentiment, since a bouquet makes a subtle, thoughtful and surprising gift. Women, you'll never truly know the reason for the gift unless you ask the man himself.

Good Impression

Giving a girl flowers on a first date (or any early date) helps guys make a good first impression. It might seem old-fashioned or over the top, but you can avoid having that effect. Avoid giving something like red roses on a first date, since those are traditionally reserved for expressing love. Choose fun and whimsical flowers in the woman's favorite colors.

Express Interest

At any time in a relationship, flowers can help a shy guy express his interest, whether romantic or sexual. Flowers can communicate love, mark anniversaries or let a girl know she's on his mind. If you're giving a girl flowers to express interest, include a handwritten note, so she's not left guessing at your message.


If a man's watching your dance or theater performance or taking you to a formal dance, the flowers you receive in a bouquet or as part of a corsage might be meant to fulfill tradition. If you're planning on giving flowers to a performer, call the theater to find out if you can go backstage. Flowers are also a traditional gift on Mother's Day and other commemorative holidays.


Flowers aren't limited to a romantic setting. Men may give female relatives flowers to mark special events like a graduation or Mother's Day. Male colleagues might give women flowers to celebrate a professional accomplishment or as a birthday gift. To ensure that non-romantic flowers aren't taken the wrong way, include a note so the recipient knows how they're intended; for example, write "Good job on winning that case!" Choose colorful blooms that don't have romantic significance, like sunflowers.