How to Buy a Gift for an Ex-Boyfriend

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Buying a gift for an ex-boyfriend can be a challenge. It doesn't matter if the boyfriend was dumped or was the dumpee, there are many underlying feelings in any broken relationship to consider. Use common sense and be tactful when buying a gift for your ex-boyfriend.

Give a gift that's practical. This would exclude items like cologne, mixed tapes (CDs) made by the giver, jewelry, clothing, or other more intimate presents. Consider important events shared as a couple and make a list of appropriate gifts.

Take into account the ex-boyfriend's profession for a gift that isn't too personal. Purchase gift cards that allow him to choose a gift without any strings attached. Try a neutral gift like movie passes or pre-paid credit cards for an impersonal gift.

Choose gifts the ex-boyfriend would enjoy. Select his favorite colors, favorite bands and favorite foods to find the right gift. To do otherwise might make him think that the gift is a subtle jab at the history you had together.

Pick a card to go with the gift that is upbeat and casually friendly. This isn't the time for private jokes once shared, or cutesy "You're the sweetest guy in the world" kind of sentiments. Try choosing one that is funny or reveals a simple expression of friendship.


  • Don't use the opportunity of giving a gift on an ex-boyfriend's birthday as a way to try and get him back. Giving a gift that is an obvious reference to the past puts him on the spot and puts you in the position of being embarrassed or even humiliated.

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