Ideas for Wednesday Night Bible Study

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When considering ideas for Wednesday night Bible study, it is important to choose a topic that is straightforward, yet contains enough depth to help participants grow in Christian character. Another thing to think about is the demographics of the participants. Will the study group consist of women, men, children, or is it a mixed group? Some solid, proven study topics include key people, common themes, and major events of the Bible.

Key People of The Bible

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If the study group consists primarily of women, you may want to consider examining the lives of prominent women in the Bible. Each week, select a different woman from the Bible and discuss the characteristics that make her stand out as a woman of God. For example, the life of Ruth embodies the Christian virtues of loyalty and obedience to God, while Mary Magdalene embodies faithfulness and dedication. Encourage participants to read aloud specific Bible verses that show the characteristics of the woman being studied, and then discuss how they can develop these characteristics in their own lives. The study may be modified according to the make up of the group; a men’s group could examine the lives of prominent men in the Bible, or a group of children could study how children lived in biblical times.

Common Themes of the Bible

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The Bible has common themes that are applicable to all. For example, prayer is a common biblical theme. To find out what the Bible says about prayer, look at the concordance---a list of all the main words in the Bible along with their immediate contexts---which is usually found at the back of the Bible. The concordance will list specific Bible verses that pertain to prayer in all its different facets. The study could answer questions about when to pray, how to pray, and why praying is important for spiritual growth. A similar study could be conducted on other major themes, such as love, giving, healing, or obedience.

Major Events of the Bible

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Examining major events of the Bible is another approach to Wednesday night Bible study. The first significant event in the Bible is the account of creation, which is found in the book of Genesis. Reading about the event verse-by-verse, paying special attention to key words and details, is a good way to gain an understanding of biblical events. A Bible dictionary and a Bible commentary---a scholarly explanation or interpretation of a text---are good tools to use when studying events or any other aspect of the Bible. Other possible topics for major event studies are Noah and the flood, the birth of Jesus, and the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus.