How to Write a Thank You Card for a Church Group

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A church group often volunteers its time and services to serve the greater good of the community or to help out a parishioner or person in the community in need of assistance. Whether it is for a big event like serving a soup kitchen or holding a youth group dance or something more personal like helping to provide holiday presents for a budget-strained family or meals for new parents, a thank you note is a proper way to show your thanks and appreciation.

Address the note to all members of the church group by name, if possible. For a large group of 10 or more, addressing one note to the proper name of the church and the word group is appropriate, for example St. John's Church Group. Be sure any names used are spelled correctly. If fewer than 10 people, send an individual note to each person.

Express your general thanks to the group as a whole. For example, "Thank you all for helping to make a difference in the community."

Address specific people and actions if possible. For example, "Thank you to John for washing all the dishes and to Sara for entertaining the children."

Add an inspiring note, such as "You really set an example for the youth of the community."

End with a final quote or inspiring Bible verse, such as "You are a finished product in God, but a raw material on the earth," by Edward Ezekiel Isouve.

Sign your name and mail to the group, in care of the church.