How to Get a Girlfriend at Church

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Many people who attend church date and marry those of a similar faith. Religious beliefs can comprise a large part of relationships, so similar spiritual values can be the most important aspect men look for in a girlfriend.

Find a church that meets your spiritual needs and where you can serve. You may need to visit several churches, staying at each one for three to four weeks, to have a solid idea of what the church is like. This part of the process can be quite time consuming.

Decide what qualities are important to you in a girlfriend. Churches can recommend several character traits that will lead to a more successful relationship. Just a few of these include complimentary, independent, attractive, respectful and encouraging to your relationship with God.

Involve yourself once you find the right church. Working in the children's ministry offers many opportunities to meet girls. A girl who is volunteering her time working with kids shows several things. She is probably not worried about being in the limelight, she loves to serve and she enjoys kids. Volunteer with the community outreach minister at the homeless shelter, senior center or hospital.

Be friendly but not obnoxious when you meet a girl you are interested in. This shows that you want to get to know her but that you will not try to smother her.

Spend time with her in group settings to see how she interacts with others.

Seek counsel to see if the girl is a good choice for you. Don't be afraid to ask people you trust their opinions.

Ask the girl on a date. If the date goes well, ask her on more dates.

Ask the girl to be your girlfriend.